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Minors and Parents Information

This information is contained in the Terms and Conditions for the patient portal, to which all account holders agree at the time of enrollment and each subsequent login.

Dear Friends,

Mount Nittany Health is excited to offer you online access to health record information, as well as secure communication tools to communicate with us and take a more active role in your own and your family's healthcare. As part of those online capabilities, parents have access to the records of their minor children.

As part of our commitment to providing this online access, we are obligated to comply with Pennsylvania laws. In Pennsylvania, the Mental Health age of maturity is 14 years old. This means that we have to provide safeguards to protect the privacy of patients receiving mental health treatment in Pennsylvania beginning at the age of 14.

Similarly, when a minor becomes an emancipated minor before he reaches the age of 18, he or she has the full and exclusive right to control his or her records. The emancipated minor can determine for him/herself who else, if anyone, may have access to his or her records. A minor between 14 and 17 can become emancipated before 18 if any of the following Age of Majority acts occurs:

1.     he is married or divorced;

2.     she is 16 years or older, has left her parents’ household, and is capable of acting independently;

3.     he has graduated from high school;

4.     she has been pregnant; or

5.     a court has declared the minor to be emancipated.

If one of these Age of Majority events occurs, the minor has the right to restrict parental access to the minor’s records.  We have no direct means of knowing if a patient becomes an emancipated minor before age 18. We will assume that one of these events has NOT occurred, unless you or your child advises us to the contrary. It is, therefore, the responsibility of either the parent or the minor to notify Mount Nittany Health at the number or address below that an Age of Majority event such as legal emancipation, mental health event, or a change in either the minor’s or the parent’s desire to allow a parent or guardian to access the minor's health information online, has occurred. 

Please note: If we are advised of an Age of Majority event that converts a minor into an emancipated minor, we will rely on the representations of the minor regarding the portal, meaning that we will restrict or deny parental access to the minor’s records if the minor informs us that an Age of Majority event or mental health treatment has occurred. We will notify both the minor and his or her parents via the portal if we restrict or deny parental access to the minor’s records.

Thus, if your child is between the ages of 14 and 17, has received mental health treatment or experienced another Age of Majority event, and he or she no longer wishes for a parent or guardian to view their health information online or to interact with Mount Nittany Health on his or her behalf through the patient portal, the minor will need to notify us at the number or address below.

Regardless of whether an Age of Majority event has taken place, once a child reaches the age of 18, parental access is automatically discontinued.

Thank you for choosing Mount Nittany Health. We look forward to continuing to provide quality healthcare to you and your family.


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